Showcase your artwork in a creative way

If you are looking to frame a picture, canvas stretching, art consultancy, art & product photography, art sales and more then come visit us.

Examples of our work

We have many samples of frames available to select from. Drop in to view our range Directions
We have many samples of frames available to select from. Drop in to view our range Directions

Customised framing service

We provide superior framing solutions ideally suited to the display of artworks or your precious family memories. Whether you are looking to frame a special piece of memorabilia, poster, certificate, sport shirt, war medals, or you are a visual artist planning an exhibition, our team is on hand to provide expert advice and the finest quality acid free materials.

We take the time to go through the steps of framing your items including mat card selection, frame selection and the perfect glass for your picture.  Our ability to build and finish our own frames creates options you may never have considered.

Many Frames and Mounts to choose from!

We have a range of materials to choose from including Italian ornate and gilt frames to your economical modern sleek frames. Get inspired, do something different, be daring, think about unexpected items you could frame that would make great interesting pieces for your home.

Quality canvas stretching new and old

Canvas stretching is a delicate art; We specialise in hand-made, custom stretched artwork—our canvas stretching services include primed canvases, Aboriginal artworks, digital prints and existing artwork new or old. We have the skill and industry experience to work with canvas sizes of any scale and materials of varying age. Our commitment to quality will ensure that your artwork is in the best hands and finished to the highest standards.

 by Lanita Numina- example of stretched canvas artwork by CBreeze Artspace

by Lanita Numina- example of stretched canvas artwork

Art and product Photography

We offer professional artwork and product documentation. If you need images for insurance reasons, to enter an art prize, to have your work printed or to show your product in the best possible way for promotion, then we are here for you.

Hanging Service

Do you need help hanging your pictures or paintings? We can help you save time with our service that comes to you. We are available to assist you by providing the most up to date solutions and innovations to make sure you have the most secure and aesthetic hanging solution. From pictures and canvas prints, we have the curatorial knowledge and experience to ensure your frames are installed in a professional, safe and are aesthetically balanced within your home or workplace.

Cher and Baz using Slimline Hanging service for an art installation